Come to Free

Spring remains alive and well
and we become aware
as this and all great changes tend
to catch attention in a span
of insolence and reaching out
to touch pure beauty
and know of its experience

Even here
beneath snow covered fields
the soul of earth reveals
a splendor in her form
and ecstasy in her exquisite touch
of vast reality
as her passion arises
in every true form of her being

What will we make of this advance
this time around?
Do we dare to dance this dance
of life in form?
completed somehow now
in the feel of stillness
and her motion through it all

as she dances her dance
twirling through the universe
spinning round the sun
whirling round her center
creator and creation all at once

and what of us . . . ?
What will we make of all of this?
when all we see and feel to be
is the silence of snow covered fields
in stillness that has come to free
the spring


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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