Come to Visit

What spirit this
that comes to visit
on this rainy night?
Identify yourself, I pray
that I might find a way
to help you speak

I feel you here, still wondering
just how it is one puts the feel
and meaning of these vast emotions
into words and then these phrases
that emote such mystery
yet somehow clear the air
that all might see the beauty
that we live

yet I'm not sure that I can
quite explain just how it's done
for it is a living process
descriptions of a stream of dreams
that flow with living truth
right to the fore
of all we focus on
yet there is more

for heart and mind must intersect
while flesh and soul just dance
according to the rhythm of a mood
that is nothing more than energy
that moves us through and through

How is it that you never knew . . . ?
having lived a lifetime through
that the you of you became a form
to learn how to express this movement
in motion, and in deed
in speech and in the artistry of hands

Come, touch my hands
and feel the flow expand
as soul to soul we come
to know each other
in these words upon a pure white page
that begin to build a picture in all mind
to join the greater tapestry of life

You see? They barely quiver
as willingly, we come together
and write now in a unity
that one alone cannot achieve
for hands that hold each other
always find a way to love again
themselves, and then another

Can you hear the music
playing now within this room?
Does it prove to you
that still, you do exist?
and that this spirit
that you have become
remembers all the love
that life in flesh is built upon
and longs for nothing more
than your return . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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