Come True

I do not wish
or need to be
or awakened
or enlightened
nor do I need
to feel the pain
of your rebirth

for this is not
what love is all about

I do not need
to have your will
or intellect imposed
upon my own

Do you suppose, instead
we might just love
these days and nights
of life away?

I know my mind
and how it works
and no longer seek my soul
outside myself
Another blast of brilliant light
intensely sent would only serve
to blow apart
these patterns I have striven
so long and hard to weave
and leave in bits and pieces
the very core
of who you claim to love

and this is not what love
is all about

I've traveled
to the edges of the universe
and then beyond
and in my travels
come to know a star
so intimately
that it deigns to shine
inside of me
yet not in form
but merely in the energies
that it relates to me

I've delved and dived
through waters deep
and just before I came to suffocate
beneath the mass and weight
of fluid swells
I've broken through
the deepest, darkest point
to travel to the center of the earth
that is the base of all our lives
to feel the heat of molten cores arising
and there I felt the slow and steady beat
of her great heart

I traveled as a ray of light
so focused and intent
that the mass and weight
of earth herself
opened and responded
to my quest to know
the depth of flesh
that brought me here

but this is not
what love is all about

I've rushed
at warping speeds
to just keep up
with others of my kind
who offer love
then just take off
in flights of their own minds
as they grow to love the flight
much more than they allow
their love for me to grow

and always I come back
to this flesh, this form
this living energy I am
that is my one true home
bruised and disappointed
while I sought to heal
and integrate what I had learned
and so I've done

not just in words of poetry
that seem to flow through me
but here inside myself
as heart and mind and soul
become as one
fully formed - a tapestry
composed of flesh and blood
ever changing, ever moving
hopefully improving
other patterns met along the way
even as I seek to prove
and then improve yet once again
my own

Now this, my friend
is how true love begins
centered in the heart
of who I am

Not a heart that seeks control
nor one to be controlled
but a heart that simply beats
and lets the energy of life
flow through it all
in its own measured rhythm
knowing now its composition
and the meaning it creates

as flows of energy
complete themselves
within its sacred chambers
as it opens to take in
then closes to amend
the error of division
ever seeking love's completion
in this form

It does not seek outside itself
for love already formed
but seeks to keep the beat
of love itself
evolving and alive
flowing and becoming
particles of cells now known
as healing crystals of the soul

so seek not in me
but in yourself
for the wisdom
only your own heart can bring
but once you've found it, please
then come to me
that we may make
the dreams of heart come true

then I will open up to thee
with just a gentle touch . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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