Come Undone

Love can be the chaos
of a mind that's come undone
insanity, as feelings flood and rush
like rapids that can't be controlled
by one alone

yet love can also be
a slow and sweet and steady rush
when hand to hand
and heart to heart, we touch

It can be a vulnerability
in fact, it seems it must
yet to open to another heart
we need to find a point of trust

and know beyond a doubt
that love exists
beyond belief
but with a faith undying
and a will to know the very best
even after all the worst
is seen for what it is

I want to feel alive again
just totally alive
instead of feeling
as if some part of me
were already dead and buried
or changed beyond my recognition
by all that came before

to live beyond the fear
that always brings mere resignation
in the staid and stoic ways
to which society adheres

but can I truly voice
the need I have for you
without scaring you away?

especially after living
all these years alone
to try to prove
I never needed
anyone at all

It seems today is the day
to find that out . . .

Shall I prepare myself for your rejection?
or allow myself to be encompassed
by this love that seeks to be
yet once again the steady flowing
stream of all my dreams

The tasks before me
never quite come clear
no matter words or understanding
for there is this feeling
now demanding life
yet it will only live and flourish
if allowed to be in its totality

So I live
and so I breathe
So I eat
and so I sleep
still wondering
if I am quite enough
to be this love I've sought
throughout eternity

So I take one step
and then another
So I speak one word
and then a phrase
So I pray
to every living deity
that love will be alive and well
and deign to be with me
for without it
I've found nothing
that can be worth living for . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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