Come With Me

Come lie with me, my love
and thus be true
and we shall touch
as we have never touched before
together - you and I
beneath the earth
above the sky

and he drinks
the heavenly nectar
of the gods
for he knows
a goddess lies in waiting
wanting and desiring only him

while he surrenders to her ecstasy
even as he slows her down
to match the balanced wonder of his speed
as night turns into day and back again
while still their only focus is this love
so all encompassing

as she draws near
and enters him completely
tongue reaching out
and all the stars draw near
to sense this miracle of love
now in the making

sight and sense and touch
all equal in their reach
of every known
and yet still blind dimension
reach only for the touch
of this true love
secret and invincible
underground, invisible
as touch becomes
the essence of it all

and then they simply bathe
in the glowing presence
of each other's love
content to drift to sleep
and dream this dream
of never-ending dawns
become tomorrow

and even angels sleep now
replete within the care of loving arms
while in loving thee
somehow we bring this love
back into reality
of form . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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