Commanding Attention

Uninterrupted flows of energy
entering and leaving,
giving and receiving utter being
that comes of love that's free -
free from derivation and appeal
flowing through each sultry mood
and attitude that simply cannot stand -
for love alone commands attention

It's ways and means are mystery
hidden in the secrecy of nighttime trysts
yet entering the atmosphere we breathe
becoming then a moving breeze
that bleeds itself through being
as eyes provide the backdrop
of pure skies of ebony
that stars and galaxies may make amends
for the travesty of all unfeeling
dynasties' demands

Hierarchies that rise and fall
yet never really speak of verity
blinded by the very matter
they have come to see as solitary
units less the unitary factor
that only pure emotion brings to be

Invisible it stalks their nights
and bleeds into the days of their demise
when sleep forsakes all quietude
and dreams itself at last awake
into the awesome, awful utter state of love
and its command of our attention . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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