Walking down a path serene
that wove through endless fields
of delicately scented wildflowers
I felt a god just enter in
to this reality of time and space
that I had come to occupy
and he seemed to need
to simply speak with me
and to have me listen
to his vast intensity
composed of all the answers
life's become

and so a conversation was begun
its purpose was no less than life's creation
as he spoke to me in sparkling words
more meaningful than social rules
or intellectual platitudes
would e'er allow a mind's conception
for he spoke of one great heart that beats
forever in each moment of creation
and his words were so much more
than heedless speech could e'er express

while these, his words of understanding
somehow just entered into me
in bursts of glowing energy
and soothed me as they flowed right through
even as a symphony might do
so that I dared to ask his name
this nimbus of pure glory
that had tamed the mass confusion
of this world's re-creation

when the wind arose
and the curtain in my room
just billowed out
softly shouting "Orpheus"
a facet born in beauty of a jewel
that is the heart of all that matters

and then, in visions mystifying
I learned of his formation
before mere eons came to be
back in the days when gods would play
in open fields of wildflowers
and unicorns roamed freely
on this earthen plane of being
back then, just when the form of Pan
grew wings and learned to fly

Swift, oh steed of whitest white
still galloping upon a breeze of spring
when shockingly, the memories came real
and there within the feel of purposed flight
quite suddenly, I knew beyond a doubt
that these visions
that had seemed to plague my life
were truly freedom taking flight
as this path I walk
became the light of lights

and I, its instrument
played by hands that still compose
this symphony of life and grace
that we, in all that is most intimate
still come to know within a glow
of love's sweet reverie . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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