Emotion seeks expression
by one alone who understands
that beyond all dualization
each feeling can expand
and thus evolve

I have heard so many speak
of mind as everything
and matter as no more than solid form
even as their lost and lonely heart
calls out to them
whispering on the wind for something more
and so they seek outside themselves
for what only they themselves
can e'er complete

For life is a flow and love
its peak emotional sensation
the source of every celebration
as heart and mind and soul
join in the flesh of one alone

Who loves more…?
a child who cries
or a mother who can empathize
so entirely with love
that her child's pain
just seems to disappear
as she absorbs and recomposes
every tear
and then returns them
as a love that soothes and heals
the many wounds of growing form

but even as the human heart
expands and then contracts
emotion, too, must realize
itself as form
that lives and breathes
becoming known
within the tone of its vibration
and every child must come
to understand the part he plays

We are each on a journey
our paths at times may intertwine
as we seek our way back home
'tween the stars and the earth
Yet what can Venus realize
that is not already ours?
here within this very form

So stop for a moment
and rest on your way
Lie your weary head
upon the lap of your own soul
Allow the healing flow
only a gentle touch can bring
to just convey itself to you
as your soul sings its soft melodies
of love into the very air you breathe

Feel each particle of flesh
that seeks eternal life with you
for without the very personal
the universal could not be
and without a soft and gentle kiss
we'd never know true bliss

We are born to every moment
when we realize just this
without a form uniquely ours
awareness itself
could not exist
for we are awareness
ever growing into form

not just in machines
of mankind's making
but fuller, richer, deeper
than we ever realized before
for we are the form
of life itself

We choose each step we take
down to the smallest motion
that we make
and conceptually
we are the source of mind
so unmechanical
that stars shine through
its composition

Residual, the gratitude
of beings great and small
that dare to call
themselves back home

Outstanding individuals
that know the stars
so brightly shining up above
well enough to let them shine
within the body and the mind
and through the heart
that loves the very earth
it treads upon

Brighter still
the soul who reaches out
giving and receiving touch
passionately moving out
while intimately taking in
another form
yet sensitive enough
to never force invasion
or seek manipulation
to control the flow
of what is and always must remain
an entity in its own right
dancing through our hearts
without control

then all that exists
or will ever come to birth
will come through thee
another form that seeks
to share its love
not simply in a universal sense
but in intimate reality
moving beyond time to find
one other open heart
that together they can start
to make their dreams come true

Rebirth, like birth
is a very personal event
and while every child born
is heaven sent
it is also the most personal
event that can befall
even in the mystery and awe
of its arrival

Intimate, the pain
of one true mother who remains
the vessel and the form
allowing even this
a seed, a spark, to enter in
and more, to thus evolve
into intensity of form

Feel the beat, so sweet
and so complete
of another's heart
that lives within yourself
for just a while
but when the moment's right
allow the pain of separation
as another soul
takes form and flight
through every living cell
that then becomes
the only form
that they can call their own

and more than just allowing pain to leave
hold it too, so tenderly
even as you nourish every seed
within the heart of every cell
of flesh where even deity
seeks sweet release
from its unknowingness

then raise this feel, invincible
through years of patterned destiny
that is a life evolving
share each growing pain
that shocks awareness into life itself
even as that pain shoots through
your moving flesh

and finally come to know
the mother of your heart and soul
as you
evolving and becoming
seeking nothing more and nothing less
than just to be
in your entirety
a feel of love so great
that it can make another form
become aware . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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