Frustration building as we try
to find another reason why
we really must
just learn to trust
this love so true

for no matter what we say or do
it is the love we share that matters
so even if our time seems scattered
within the world, within an hour

the world cannot deny love's power
sacred in its origin
drawing us within
to find the words that must be spoken

to ease the pain and mend the broken
pieces of what used to be
as loving sets us free
to float within the stream
of its ever-living dream

and fly to distant stars
to discover why we are
in distance and in separation
connected by such sweet sensations
that time and space just disappear

yet soul becomes so clear
that we meet within the everything
that only love can bring

? Michaelette?

Copyrightc 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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