Consistent Opposition

Consistent opposition
low to high and left to right
until within the stress and strain
a center point is reached
and miracle of miracles
acceptance comes to be
the key that unlocks everything

Accepting both the yes and no
within this greater flow
of life evolving
beyond the disappointments
that so oft' become
enclosures round a heart

built of fear, as pain evolving
sets our senses pounding for release
from structures that may order
yet confine and somehow smother
the fire of desire to become
a living, breathing form

What is this feel of real
that we all seek?

Real beyond and yet inclusive
of these extraordinary feelings
found within and all about
these oh so mortal forms

While within this very opposition
a mystery reveals itself
shocking in its exposition
of all that is most personal

as these feelings, so revealing
become the only truth that can redeem
while past ideals of perfection
reach beyond the peaks of what is known

Deeper yet, and higher still
within the breadth
a glowing sphere of light reveals
a new yet ancient realm
of life's redemption

as the very condensation
of beliefs come into form
beyond the norm of every day
or others' creed

and lost (or is it found?)
we find that every deed
and action taken
and each decision made in truth
no matter mental incongruency
becomes the base of our integrity

in this consistent opposition
of the very composition
of all life


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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