Does it hurt you too?
remembering the love we shared
back in those days
when all the world shimmered
and magic, thick yet light
would fill the air
awaiting nothing more
than just our union

and when these memories
awaken once again
does your heart ache
so unbearably
that all you want to do
is scream in pain?
remembering the dreams
that never had a chance
to live and then become reality

Yet how does one resolve
such altercation?
while still living in the limitations
of a life formed long before
our love's consideration
came to be

and in this, nothing has changed
especially you
so as I sift through all these memories
of loving moments shared with you
I decided to try something new
to replace your face
with one who really knows

that those who love are willing
to dissolve and then reform
just for the sake of love alone
leaving worn-out limits far behind
to find that joy and harmony
live and grow beyond the many moods
of those still seeking

and I console myself
even as my heart begins
to open out yet once again
for I simply do not need to understand
how anyone can choose to lose
a love as grand and all-encompassing
as what we knew as true . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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