Crazy Wildflowers

What could be more perfect
than just being?
Sun and moon and stars
to light the way
and there - the Milky Way
gently cupping light that guides
within a close-knit bond
that is invisible to mortal eye

To be - alone but never lonely
simply seeking for a better way
than all the games we learned to play
back in those yesterdays
when all we knew became
just what they said

yet now we can begin
to see it all through soulful eyes
this wisdom underlying everything
as we reach inside and come to know
that heart is all that matters

when solitude becomes
a joyous mood begun
in reflections of reflection
of one, just one
vast and limitless connection

for we are particles becoming waves
of living, breathing motion
held within the stillness
between breaths

and in the skies
the stars will bloom
like crazy wildflowers
just discovering
that summer's come to stay . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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