Creative Chaos

Order, always seeking order
this chaos underlying all creation
yet order seems to limit growth
in circles that are closed
to new becoming

and so a spiral builds itself
in form and shape and being
ever circling round a center
that alone can point the way
to all that is

I look then and I find
long grasses swaying
within a springtime breeze
and I feel a greater presence then
natural and so surreal
it takes my breath away

and I cannot help but think of you
for loving you is destiny to me
yet I must breathe to be
for air is elemental to my nature
and then your pace
the very order of your life
seem to constrict the very best of me

Oh, how can I be anything at all
without you nearů?
while all your peace
and understanding
lie with you tonight
just out of reach
and out of bounds

How is it . . . ?
that you seem to make
these struggles all worthwhile
in just one simple smile
one look at me, your loving gaze
that you seem consistently
to focus here, on all I am

and still I cannot seem
to understand this love
so all-encompassing
that flows in streams
between it all

the chaos and the order
the simplified complexity
the you of you or me of me
that seems somehow
just more complete
in twofold oneness

and so I seek to stay awake tonight
to dream these dreams aware
even as I long for this
to simply drift within your dreams
enclosed within your loving arms
while you seem to drift just out of reach
yet somehow into me

and so this chaos seeking form
finds order in the safety of your arms
while too, it seeks release
of ordered form . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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