Creative Spirit

Oh daemon, playing endlessly
in streams of dream-like imagery
that moves through shadows
darkening the sense of dawning day
What would you have me do . . .?

I swoon, I faint, I sway
awaiting just the understanding
only you can bring to being
as the center of each cell of flesh
implores another touch of ecstasy
that moves and blends and bleeds
into a form only tomorrow understands.

I want, I need to live this dream
of utter harmony that tempts and teases
every sense of each sensation into life;
yet how to move beyond the stoic forms
that seem to deaden all of matter . . .?

Oh muse, the ruse of all that's known
come comfort us tonight,
as we dream in endless schemes of indigo
and stardust gently drifting down
to dwell within these realms
of dawning incarnation.

And yet a greater need awaits
an utterance within this might
of vibrations moving endlessly
throughout eternity
as day and night transform themselves
within a mighty understanding;

Reaching now to speak of
incandescence in a dawning sense
of mind's deliverance from paradox;
that lies somehow betwixt, between
and yet beyond the power of words to catalog
as love flows free through all of being
playing endlessly within pure realms
of sensuous and sweet, sensational delight . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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