Men think of her
and pleasures of the flesh
are newly born within their minds
They seek her out
desire hot
and flowing through their veins

What shock and then surprise
they come upon
when she enters in their flows of destiny
embellishing in feeling realms of dream
as in the sheen
of every bead of perspiration
she gives them love

and bare emotion flows
with an unerring sympathy
as she turns the mirror of soul
that face to face
they finally must embrace
the truth they are
in all the passion and the glory they exude
as senses reel in tellurian delight

She is creatrix
of the matrix
of the mother of them all
for what is recreation
if not the re-creation
of it all?

Like the scent
of fresh-burst orange
she brings a smile
to each one that breathes her in
and remains with them forever
in an imaged memory of feminine

and they are even more surprised
to find she has a mind to match their own
even as she brings a life-enhancing moisture
to the dryness of their lives
for with her, each moment now begun
becomes a glowing sphere
of life that comes from no less
than the womb of all creation

and living shadow are redeemed
from the extremes
of dark and light
by subtle and enhancing hues
in pastels born of deepest blues
while rose becomes the color
of the union of all red and white

and those who dare to be with her
here, just in between
these vast extremes of mind's creation
find life alive and well
within the feeling and the flow
of endless imaged form

Timeless now
this flow of love
between two hearts and souls
and distance disappears
for within her
sight reaches out to touch
that point where fear will vanish
as illusions of all time and space
blend into the living grace of love

She is creatrix
of the matrix
of the mother of us all
as she weaves her magic spells
for magic dwells within this flesh reborn
when the mind of man
returns again to pleasure
in the purity of form


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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