Crimson Arousal

Crimson arousal awakens the day
intense, this base desire of life
as fires banked for sleep
are stoked and heated once again
and sunrise streams into the dream
of one becoming everything that is

I close my eyes and waken to this dream
yet even unembodied now it seems
I feel a touch of flesh on flesh
and crimson arousal
is freshly ignited again

hot and sultry, slow and sweet
like cool wind blowing
just when the sun
begins to beat its heat too high
for flesh just simply won't be left behind
and skin seeks sun and wind to lift it
high into the sky
beyond the base of knowledge garnered
as the wisdom of all life flows free
and whispers us awake

What power this . . . ?
that wakens with a kiss
of early morning magic being spun
if not the power of love itself
arising in this crimson splendor of arousal
that endures beyond all time . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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