The greatest loss
the greatest gain
can be found within
each sorrow, every joy
that reaches out
to touch another heart
while in a loving response
lies the greatest healing of all

Gusting winds
blow storm clouds in
as the gentle hand of nature
can become a fiendish gleam
of eerie color that portends
tornadoes great destruction

and we are left within its aftermath
to start yet one more time
thrown back to where we thought
we'd never have to go again
to a beginning that must mean
a change in everything
it seemed we'd only now
just gotten right

yet chaos enters
beyond our want or will
transposing every ordered entity
and no matter any heart that bleeds
still, we must allow the dark
its entry to the ways of light
even if it means imploding
as light within just reaches out
to meet its other half

for light could not exist
without its counterpart
nor birth bring joy
without the pain of a deliverance
of form, of soul, of destiny
it matters not
all that matters
in the end
is just the heart
of One who loves . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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