Crystal Castles

Crystal castles in the sky
seem to hum a lullaby
to lull each passing spirit
through its gates
that stand wide open
to the span of light and sky

It's walls are not illusion
yet light is drawn within
and prisms send it out again
in hues of pristine interplay
that lie in wait for yet another
day of soul's creation

Here wonder is a commonplace
and awe becomes another beam
of light as soul meanders
round about its gardens
that keep opening out
expanding to infinity

yet safety dwells within these walls
for each and every magic spell that's cast
passes through as if it never knew
a place in time or rhythm's rhyme
and finds itself become quite ordinary

while contrary to the normal rule
each heart becomes an aptitude
potential of a love so pure
imagination blooms into a work of art
as poets write and painters paint
and sculptors sculpt
in shades of gray to white

while bards compose the many hues
of glory streaming in a song
that plays along
to keep the inspiration flowing

within these glowing walls
of crystal castles come to life
discovered in the skies
of night that flows again into
tomorrows' avenues . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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