Cycles of the Moon

The cycles of the moon
will always be in tune
with the wisdom of the earth
that comes to us as worth

of feelings found within
the pressure and the spin
of gravity and planet's motion
of life beyond the staid devotion

taught to us before we knew
the power inside that grew
that brings us ever to extremes

that we may find
the peace of mind
that comes of night and shadows playing
tunes upon the edges fraying

as if the weave had come undone
yet searching, we may find the one
that loves
and every living moment of

meaning and of worth
was brought to us through movements of the earth
and the moonshine gently glowing
as the mists of time, unknowing

are released
and the realm of inner peace
is thus unveiled
as the sirens moan and wale

in the passion of desire
to spark the inner fire
of all that is…

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano, All rights reserved (8/19/99)                 Take Me Home...