Cyclic Constancy

Amid signs of civilized deterioration
nature, in her constant ways goes on
and here, among the winter debris
gathered by the wind against the fence

trees put forth new buds
their branches ever reaching toward the light
while rooted in the richness of the earth
when a voice intrudes upon my reverie

to query larger view
for in the beginning
was not each culture also born of Her...?
each society, the complex machinations...

No matter where we go
or what we see
in essence, we see Her...

so I let my sight expand
to the buildings just beyond this space
and I ask myself
why so many man-made "things" are square
when we are born of this great sphere...?

yet She is so much more
than just this gentle, springtime creation
and in the fury of her storms
destruction is also born...

so that we, her children
then feel a need to protect ourselves
and we build our buildings
as unlike Her as they can be

and seek to hide ourselves away
while longing to contain
her gentleness within

so in the cycles of the centuries
what have we truly learned of Her,,,?
if still we fear her fury
as so many fear their own...

but then, does destruction
really end anything...?
or is it more a dissolution
of static patterns

forms composed of energy
a release
sweet feel of letting go
and then begins the glow

of new life ever emanating
creation born of change
particles released
from a consistent pressure

of cyclic movements
while we, like the trees
stretch and grow and reach
for the source of all of life...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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