Cyclic Seasoning

Within, without, the spaces in between
What holds it all together then?
this flesh, this form we barely seem
to know at all sometimes
if not the love that flows
through every vein
and eases nervous strain
while gently, almost teasingly
tingling along the way
as it draws us out into expression

Composing, recomposing
blending, mending, healing
and if truth be found
in wisdom's words that say
As above, so below
then musn't too, this flow of love
return the other way around
and in a cyclic, natural completion
come again to say
"As below, so above"

even as the drift and sway
of springtime wind
greets the green of earth's arousal
tempting and attempting
in currents made of air
to teach the very leaves to sing
within this great remembering of trees
and of seasons that once seemed
to begin and then to end
through years of our awareness opening out
that start to blend and intermesh
the memory of every other season
back into itself
and back again, and yet again
into each other

Until within a dawn of realization
we see and know
that even seasons flow
one unto another
within the great relationship
of sun and earth
and we, each of us and all together
each a particle within a greater wave
of love that flows betwixt, between
it all . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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