Dance of Being

We waltz our way into another day
without a purpose to be had
for our one true wish is only this
to sing and dance all mind away
then lazily, we bask upon the grass
enclosed within a willow's grasp of life

Slow and easy, now
sit and simply listen to your heart
expanding out, contracting in
for all of life begins within a mood
and blood flows like a lazy stream
without a destination
living in a summer dream
that just won't seem toend
and now we flow
allowing soul to lead the way

No longer waiting in a tense anticipation
merely going with this flow
into imagination
where every possibility is born
in a miracle of sparkling light
just now beginning to come clear
and its seeds connect us to eternity
relieving every need and yet creating power
as it wills all life to just go on and on

revolving and evolving
within a soft, sweet melody
enticing us
in variations of its beat
that come and go
and seem to blend
into the heartbeat of creation

Now breathe, just breathe
for every breath contains
an underlying meaning
and every beat of heart creates more love
for where on earth or in the universe
can we ever find the bliss
of just this kiss . . . ?


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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