Dance of Joy

Flying o'er the endless seas
we meet in nighttime skies
to dance a dance of joy
becoming real

as the eagle eyes
of one lone dragon
golden scales shining
in the silvery light
that stars will bring
breathes a fire to life
that steals all pain away

yet even in this seeming death
from this ash, a phoenix rises
in the glory of a life
impervious to heat or flame
bringing light that will sustain
our love
through darkest days and nights
of dire confusion

for flying so
above the endless seas
of this creation
the eagle and the dragon meet
to glide upon the currents
in such ease and grace of motion

that all that dare to look, will see
and more than that, will feel
the glory and the majesty
of unity as opposites become
the give and take of loving interplay
that lives through every moment
of these nights and days
of dark and light
and life


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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