Dance with the Devil

I danced with the devil
just the other night
and found he wasn't
near as frightful
as I thought he'd be
but rather he emitted fear
in clouds of smoky density

He held me close
and bid me look into his eyes
to tell him what I saw
but I saw a blankness there
and knew not what to make of it

So he plied me with good wine
and seemed to listen
as I spoke of other times
and the pain brought on
by other men I'd known

I tell myself I should have noticed then
that somehow I should have known
and fled his very presence
but something that I am
said no, you must experience
even this, just one more time again
for nothing is the same
as it has been

I may never know just what it was
that he put into that glass of wine
but I was feeling fine just then
and full of innocence
that told me I should trust
at least once more
and there he was, convincing me
that I should love within the flesh again
this time with him

He whom I have never
really been attracted to
who approached me
as a neighbor and a friend
then set his sites
on just the moment when
I felt most vulnerable

yet there were lessons
to be learned in even this
for the depth of his kiss
just never reached my heart
and his touch did not inflame
the least of my desire
but still he tried

and just at that moment when
whatever spiked my drink kicked in
a dizziness set in
that made me close my eyes
while a purity of shining light
was waiting there
within my head for me

but still I didn't sleep
or lose awareness
not until I felt him walk away
and heard the door close
on his devious ways

Now days have passed
since what I thought
must be a lapse occurred
and I have pondered
and considered many angles
that I might understand
why this occasion had to be

while white light danced
both in and out of me
to keep me safe
within its centered round
as it moved him away
without a word from me
encircling me within
the sanctity of who I am

at first I hid, afraid to move
back out into the world
that he and others occupied
as I drifted in and out of sleep
for another day and night
waiting for a counterattack
as often happens
in defense of a light too bright
for one like him to see
yet even once perceived
sometimes does no more
than serve to waken all the greed
that deepest darkness holds for light

but the light stood guard this time
at the periphery of form
strong enough to keep the dark at bay
and I like to think, in its own way
leaving even darkness
at least a little brighter
for its presence

while a sense of peace
deep and yet sublime
became a part of me at the same time
in existence, as is form
drawing strength
from an eternity of interchange

and so it seems
that when darkness
comes to meet the light
the light shines through
more brightly than before
as darkness fuels the need
for its arousal

The devil asked for one last dance
but he was unprepared
for what he found
as we circled round and round
the living light . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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