Dare to Be Free

My hands shake
and I wonder now
what will it take
to get me past this fear
as change draws near?

This fear
companion in the lonely nights
of childhood fright
Protector extraordinaire
that fills the air
with tremulous surprise

but oh the sweet release
when fear let go
becomes the peace of sleep
within the dream

and then
as morning dawns and
sunshine streams
into my life again
just then
in hopelessness
I take a trembling step

in earnestness
and finally learn to set
my spirit free
to be what it was meant to be

Flight of the eagle, swift as the wind
sinewy strength of the tiger and then
the gentleness within a fawn
on a quiet summer morn
when the world and all we know
lies sleeping in the stillnes
of the quickening glow of dawn

when suddenly a butterfly
in silent joy flies by
alights for just a moment on my nose
as a shiver runs down to my toes
then off in flight again
just as a smile fills my eyes
and I see the endless skies
so clear again

while the trembling that fills my being
becomes an awesome feeling freeing
all the love I never knew I was
All this because
I dared to face the fear
that stood between myself
and all of life


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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