Darkness Speaking

I am darkness speaking
magnetizing light
to come to be
my own awareness

I am the very motion
that arises from the endless seas
where all forms of life abide
within my pressure and my density
for I am at one within this source
of all desire to be

I live and move and breathe
the breath of life into becoming
proceed and too, succeed
in cyclic variations
of the nature of all life

I am the core of earth itself
in all its molten, melted stages
as slowly and progressively
it comes to be aware

I am the grace
of cosmic space
universal in my aptitudes
and endless moods
permeating atmospheres
with all I am
and all that I must come to be

I create the flair
of flowers rare and beautiful
that come and go
and recreate themselves
in cyclic multitudes

I am each particle
becoming every wave
that weaves and blends
the pure potential
of all life in form

I am sorrow
I am grief
I am the rage
that finds the sweet release
of flying free
of each and every thing
but love itself

that lives and dwells
in a timeless, spaceless realm
abiding only when and where
my purity of darkness seeks
and comes to meet
unfocused rays of light . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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