Just Before the Dawn

The earth falls down in cyclic waves of time
decays to fertilize small seed within the ground
at dusk youíll hear the eerie church bellís chime
the mysteries of life are all around

the air is full of sorrow and of pain
when sky is shrouded in its gloomy gray
while humans walk in darkness to attain
illusive goal of sickly egoís sway

back and forth, the friction will create
the static that in chaos drives insane
while mind and heart will struggle to relate
emotions passing through this mortal frame

and tension builds to wild acting out
to open channels better left unknown
discovering what life is all about
in seed that in the darkness finally grows

in fated path toward heights of sunny sky
as darkness, seeking, reaches for the light
in death, sets spirit free, at last to fly
consistent, nature turns the black to white

as life revolves in cyclic waves of time
denying any claim of yours or mine
at dusk, the air is filled with church bellís chime
and mystery evolves to intertwine

the good and bad, the birth, the death
inhale air, exhale breath
of spirit seeking soulís rebirth
in mysteries of mother earth...

? Michaelette ?

Copywrite© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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