On Death and Rebirth

Being is the truth of experience
experience is life
no more, no less
will ever be enough

There is no end...
In transience
shall we go on

 Let Them Heal
 Into the Dream Again
 Nothing More
 Day by Day
 Death Impending
 Now Is Gone
 State of Absence
 Come to Visit
 She's Gone
 Within the Past
Babylon Bob
Infinite Rebirth
The One Who Knew
He Runs
 Age and Innocence
 Light Descending
 Endless Night
 The Sweetest Music
 Born Again
 Center of the Earth
  Eve of Becoming
 Beyond Survival
 Mother's Day
 So Beautiful
 Infinity's Reality
 Too Young
 Lady of the Night
 Altered Destiny Repeating
 Angel in the Snow
 Untamed Grief
 Pure Pain
 Soulful View
 Life Evolving
 Flare of Light
 To Life
 Permanent Withdrawal
Without Me
 The Passage of Time
  When the Night Is Too Long
 Moment of Separation
Eyeless Sight
 Just Before the Dawn
In Memory
  The Last Transition
 Wanders On
 Forgetting to Remember
 Flight of Memories
 Beyond Tomorrow, Yesterday
 Of Life
 Chasing Butterflies
 A Last Goodbye
 Cloud of Sorrow
 Just Because
 Roads Left to Travel
Death and Daring
 At the End
 Silence Broken
 The Price We Pay
The Last Contradiction
From Birth to Death
 The Healing
  The Purest Sorrow
 Burial Grounds

 Take Me Home...
Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved