Deep Awakening

They speak in mesmerizing tones
of designs within the mind
where the light is always found
in tones of white

They think their thoughts
are true, not blue
never stopping to compose
a work of art
painted with the colors
of the ever changing skies

to complete within
the symmetry of heart
as mind and soul
begin to play within this flesh
like a soft, sweet melody
so old it reoccurs as if anew
in every heart reborn

Intstead they sneak attack
denying telepathic routes
that they use in warlike games
their strategy no more than just
their greed for every gain
to come to only them
and them alone
for they believe the tales told
by such others of their kind
and live within their minds
denying heart and soul
their due attention

They believe in lone and loneliness
and thus create what we need least
But stop now!
and reverse this flow
and bring soul's power to bear
to find within each drop of dew
a rainbow shining through and through
its heart out to the everything
and circling round again

then settle in the afterglow
of faith in love's experience
found always in a moment of
a heart's awakening
to turn white brightness now into
the many hues of pastel colors
that flower and fade
but always stay
with us in memory
returning to design each dawn
of deep awakening . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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