Deep in Indigo

Deep within the indigo
of peaceful nighttime skies
where stars reside in clusters
light is born of resolution
that casts deep shadows
just beyond a form
yet cool, the shade
that shadows bring
on steamy summer days

while still, the light will have its way
pleasing and displeasing
erupting then disrupting
seemingly consistent flows
of living energy
until we learn to breathe
and then begin to breeze
our way through everything

We sleep and breathe so deep
that in the settled silence of the air
a dream is born
and we, its soul creator
recharting while discarding all the norms
generate a healing energy
from the slow and steady beat
of one heart that keeps love flowing
opening and closing painlessly

for something greater than our mind
decides our fated course
as we sleep within the greater dream
of each tomorrow
sailing beyond all sorrow and all pain
and if we listen, we can hear
the sweet refrain of leaves
that in the endless breeze
become a soothing balm

'Tis then our soul can enter
and within its awesome venture
ancient wisdom is reborn
its one and only reason
to begin to heal us all
for it resides within deep indigo
and in the soft, sweet light
of starlit nights
recreating life eternally . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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