Deep Vibrations

Deep vibrations echo through the earth
and all that is inanimate is moved
as standing still, a tremor runs
right up the spine
and deep-seated change
rises to the height of mind
yet the earth still spins in steady cycles
and the wind blows hard
to move debris away

Shall we stay or fly away?
above the clouds to seek
the sunshine streaming
down and through and all around
these gloomy skies

or shall we dive?
deep into the earth
until the worth of every movement
meets within the core of its creation
in molten rock and lava flows
glowing with a glaring glory
daring us to tell the story
of the truth of all creation

or should we merely stand?
and let the stillness bring
this experience back home
into itself
as the movement of all mind
amends and seeks to realign
itself with space and time
even as the deep vibrations
echo in continuance of all . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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