I once knew you
for who you were
free spirit flying on the wind
full of joy and love to send
through currents that
would join with the divine
that's everywhere

Open heart
to give and to receive
the love that we all need
We shared that love
and vowed to follow
wherever it might lead

but now an overwhelming fear
impedes your every move
as you hide yourself
within defensive lines
of an enclosure

and you wonder why I cannot feel
the love you keep inside
while even you are suffering
for its lack of amplitude

How can one forget
the endless feeling of desire
or seek to quench the inner fires
of the heart?

Love must be free to flow
through patterns high and low
else it smothers for a lack
of light and air

It cannot be contained
nor will it long remain
in a system closed
within the heart of one

who deems himself alone
within eternity
for divinity resides within us all
and seeks to be aware and share
the experience of everything

and I wonder
when the day might come again
when the walls of your defense
come tumbling down
and you are truly free
to love again with me


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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