In between the me I am and mind
a dream arises
interspersed with earth
and her desire to go on

A dream of youth, of paradise
when earth itself became aware it was
as land arose from watery depths
and creatures learned to breathe
the air and light of atmosphere
encompassing this form of love and life

'Twas in the spring
when sun on high shone bright
and catalyzed the color green
to come to be above the sea
and feelings of the earth and sun
composed a perfect harmony

Contained and thus containing life
she danced and whirled round the light
that turns the ice of mountain heights
into the flowing streams that feed her dreams
in growth of moisture's sustenance
and these seas, her feelings' mysteries
are everywhere

Through eons has the earth evolved
by feeling all that's true
and dreaming yet again
she grew to love
the warmth of fire
the cold of ice
the great desire to bring all life
to come to understand
the mystery of her creation

Now energy arising from her womb
as all of her children are born
still seeks in form to find a way
to know all that she knows
and be all that she has become
and more

While the raging storms that bring in spring
still speak of her remembering
the glory and the pain of each conception
and the worth of all the earth
lies in this quality
that still she loves enough to give us life

We seek, as we have always sought
the secrets of deliverance in her
yet no matter the complexity
of mind and matter's unity
or the span of the path
we may travel to understand
in the end it all comes down to this:
that still she loves enough to give us life


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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