One son grown
the other still unknown
dichotomy of life and love unwinds
in cadence with the lonely church bellsí chimes

announcing birth and death within the song
that speaks of need beyond the right or wrong
of should or must, encompassing desire
Intense, the heat of one soulís inner fire

An endless journey now begun
and with one step, a freedom won
Transition touching body, mind and soul
while feel of gain and loss dissects the whole

now permeates the air we breathe
as tear is shed, he takes his leave
This time allowing no return
in life, another lesson learned

that love is found within the letting go
in pain and joy, we let the spirit grow
to reach for height and depths of who we are
as in the night, one slowly moving star

follows path of life begun
as movement in the heart of one
brings change in ripples ever moving out
and with each change, a sorrow and a doubt

and with each doubt, we long to see our destiny
in darkness, blinding luminosity
of soul will show the way, the deeper truth
as meaning found in letting go of youth

and facing the responsibility
of changes made within the unity
of paradox, where life and love unfold
in eros of the heart and mind and soul

and I strive to let go
as every mother must
yet strain will show
I need to trust

in cyclic pattern winding out of time
in nature, never calling yours or mine
and cling to hope that every parting brings
return of dreams, conceived within extremes

of feeling, moving in and out and round
of movement that will startle and astound
Yet in the end, we both shall see
the strength within the unity
of love...

? Michaelette ?

Copywrite© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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