Departure's Arrival

Are these supposed to be enough
these forever moments of departure?
What lesson is it
that the gods and goddesses would teach?

for each and every moment
seems no more than a departure
from all that might have been
while all we seem to feel
and all that we have ever felt
is the sorrow left behind
as life moves on

but on to what
or when or where?
if not right here, right now

yet each departure
is, in truth
right here and now
a new arrival
in moment become moment
become life

so can departure ever be
more than really just a change
of point of view . . . ?

as points of holographic imagery
come to be complete
within a ray of laser beaming
first here, then there
in a variety of images
that seem complete
from each and every point redeemed

but are never really more
than just a point
upon a plate of mind's device
deceptive to a pair
of merely mortal eyes
that have yet come to understand
how each single ray of light expands
encompassing the darkness all around
as dark and light are found to be
just one

so too, these frozen images
of each departure
must be made to move
upon the beams
of all arrival . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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