Depth of a Touch

What is it
that we sense and see
in electric words we read
within a net's relationship
that can touch so very deeply
some silent chord within
that builds somehow
within the centered spin
of who we are

At times we all must stop
and take a rest
a pause, as if to test
the stance of our reality
before a new crescendo
opens us to worlds
that we've never felt before

as a feeling that becomes sensation
more real than any blind elation
of poetic fantasy
seems to come
in moments of oblivion
just when we need it most

like a song that plays
yet again to sing
in tonal vibrations
of a living worth of words
that move and breathe
each time more full and pure
than any we've experienced before

evoking emotion
while lifting and blending
this feeling course of evolution
to finally reach a point
where harmony transcends
the chaos ever reaching
as in and out, we seek
the deeper meaning and the source
of energy that moves through everything

becoming intuition
and then the inspiration
to share each piece of wisdom
discovered in the netherworlds
of soul . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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