Depth of Truth

Love is a flow of emotions
sometimes bittersweet
as they repeat
and at times pure pain
can gain the upper hand

When sorrow rises
and loneliness abounds
and the love we found
seems oh so far away
shall we just stay

hidden here inside
or will we dare release
the tide of tears
that bring us oh so near
to love again

When anger builds
shall we coil and strike out
with venom dripping from our mouth
or shall we breathe a deeper breath
and try to calmly state the depth
of emotions that at once
are wild and free

but not to tame, oh no
just to ease the overflow
so that desire flames
and if we answer once again
we love the lonely nights away
while in the light of day
we speak the truth

to let the feelings
flow and trust
that love will see us through
in every way


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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