Depths of Time

Illusive, like a shadow playing
in and out as clouds will move
across the great expanse of blue
in which we live and find our being
flowing free upon the tides

Currents wash a wave upon the shore
while the undertow will speak of evermore
and pull back all that has been given
but for one lost, lonely shell upon the sand
once, alive, its spirit has been driven
silently through greater tide's demands

yet the moon still glows
in reflections of a brighter world
while rays of sun streak through the depths
of time
as castles built of sand will wash away
even as its builders laugh and play
in innocence
as yet another life has passed away

while still its spirit sings
of the birth of all new things
and yet another tear will join the ocean's waves
flowing free upon the tides
we call our life


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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