Desert Wind

Like crystal in its first ascent
sun sparkles in a diadem of sand
reaching, stretching
far beyond where mind can see
a treasure-trove
for those who dare take flight
just as the night comes to an end
as they ascend from the oasis
and fly above their dream's reality

There is beauty all around
yet eyes are blinded by the sun
glistening on arid soil
while all the while
just there beyond the ridge
the moisture of the world gives
the texture and the tone of life
its chance to be

and still so many choose
to follow all the rules
while like a bird within a cage
shrinking, day by day, they stay
sequestered at a lone oasis
in the middle of a sand-strewn lawn
of mind and memory

Can you hear the future
calling on the wind?
whispering of freedom
as a mist of moisture falls
or is it that some spirit calls
our soul to take a chance
and live it all


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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