Lost upon a vast horizon
no map to plot a course
just endless scapes of nature
solidified in ice of winter's storms

wandering alone
wondering what spring might bring
as ice turns into flowing streams
that saturate the earth

What will we find
floating down the stream this time
that was left enclosed with this ice
that stopped all movement for a time?

and seasons pass
cyclic in their variation
joy of spring to bring
a new revival

when for a time
the cost of our survival
brings no pain

but what will we ever gain
if we just stand upon the shore
denying all the refuse that floats by
except perhaps just one more alibi

to take us through the summer's heat
and turn to sadness on a sweet
last note of autumn's dance
when once again the ice encloses

all we have not faced
on those warm and loving nights
of earth's embrace

Will these cycles end
before the rivers brim
to overflowing
with all that we refuse to see?

How can we ever cleanse
the world of such debris
if we cannot cleanse
our very heart and soul

that once again
we all might wander free
across the free
and flowered meadows
that really ought to be
our destination


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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