yet a heartbeat drums
rhythm then, the first sensation
registers upon awareness
as new life takes its form

Months go by
within this meditation
of the movement of the heart
floating in the warmth
of moisture's womb

until its soul awakens
to a tune of harmony
heard within the hush of blood
that rushes through the veins

and like a butterfly about to emerge
yet still enclosed within its chrysalis
this new form moves
as its mother comes aware
of its existence

then mind meets mind
within imagination's realm
and love becomes the sustenance
of every stage of its development
sensuous, the seeds of need
implanted in this new homunculus

and movement multiplies
life floating in the stream
of living dreams
in the direction and protection
of a being great and warm

as a first sense of mother is born
known only from the inside out
yet this seed of form remembers
the path it traveled there
and begins to seek its own deliverance

stretching, reaching, searching
from whence it came to where it goes
seeking freedom from restraint
upon a path that spirit paints
in brush strokes of a living light

Dark, that first descent
into reality
the rush of blood again encouraging
this form's emergence into light
as the mother of us all absorbs each pain

with nothing more to gain
than love that's multiplied
born within this form of her deliverance
and as with everything
this end becomes another new beginning

conceived in darkness
born of great sensation
archetypal now, the implications
of a life that's drawn to light

begun in love and intimate identity
with a mother's love
that carries us
through all of life and time


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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