Discover love
right here, right now
make the time somehow
to notice all the little things
of beauty in your life
that whisper on the wind
and call your name

That flower just outside your door
can tell you tales of evermore
if only you would stop
long enough to listen to
the awe and wisdom there within
its soft and gentle petals hues
and within its golden center
whispered tales of soul's adventures
are written in the winds of time
awaiting your essential rhyme
to come alive

while in the rhythm of the rain
that taps upon your window pain
beats the heartbeat of the earth
that tells you of the core of worth within

and new galaxies will spin
at your discovery
for this tale
of life's discovery
can be no less than the eternity
of life


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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