Distant Peaks

And what, pray tell
am I to do with all this pain?
that ever seems to gain
the higher ground

Strategy will not avail
a heart in such travail
for what I truly need to be
lies in the hands of powers that be

and ever have they seemed to contradict
the love that my heart needs to duplicate
the expression of my soul within the real
in the realms of touch, of feel

the need of flesh that touches flesh
that we may truly intermesh
as reality that has been known
becomes desire of reaching home
with you

for without you, how could I go on
in a world that has been built upon
the love we've shared
Do I yet dare?

to implicate society's beliefs
in the hope of the release
that only love can bring
Can you hear the angel's sing?

of all that is and what might be
Songs ringing through eternity
Was this the message Christ brought down
to dare the world built upon

belief in all that separates
what time and mind and fate
desire the most?
Then tell me, what's the cost?

of this security we seek
as if the distant peaks
of mountains reaching to the sky
contained the reason why

and could finally be heard
while here within the words
a love renewed
in pain's defiance grew

into the bliss
of spirit's kiss
and you

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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