Driven to extremes
we plan and plot and scheme
running, always running from the truth
of the need of love we felt in endless youth

until the pain explodes within
and the world we knew begins to spin
as endlessly, we search in mattered form
for a source from which all life is born

while over and over again
our search leads deep within
all the way down to the heart of the matter
then when our view of life is shattered

endlessly, the cycles will repeat
as in and out, around, an awesome heat
burns away the residue
of all that we once knew

as a pure form of this life emerges
slow, then fast - it ebbs and surges
as particles of being coalesce
and essence of the soul is free at last

to live the dream of life unfolding
and here, within a great heart holding
all that lives, protected by one love
we find ourselves below and up above

connections moving, weaving, changing
in new patterns ever rearranging
kaleidoscopic moments of beginning
a mystic and eternal loom is spinning

another pattern in the tapestry
another chord to ring in harmony

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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