Divine Insanity

 Before the Great Division
 To Flight
 Psychotic Flash
 Down the Rabbit Hole
 Creation's Contemplation
 Opening Into Forever
 Glowing Shadows
 Symbolic Imagery
 Peak of All Unreason
Loving Incantation
 Another Revelation
 Creative Spirit
 To Meet Our Immortality
 Oh, Angels
 Night of Time
 Liquid Color
All That's in Between
 In One Heart
 Just Beneath the Threshold
 Within Totality
 Omens of Eternity
 Divine Invention
 Worth Living For
 To Come for You
 Divine Insanity
 Chaotic Creation
 Our Prayer
 Too Rare
Creative Chaos
 An Open Hearth
 Breath of Life
 Silence Falling
 Source of Creativity
 Base Instinct
 Quest of Ancient Beauty
 Gentle Intensity
 Simplified Complexity
 Deity's Command
 Realm of Dreams
 Intensity of Need
 We Are
 Seventh Heaven
Becomes Divinity
 Sacred Ground
 What Will We Become?
 Awash With Love
 Double Helix of Deliverance
 Life Itself
 She Whispered
 Web of Harmony
 She Arises
 Sheer Goddess
 Soul Insists
 Pure Ebony
 Must Become
 Take Me
 Into Divinity
  Twilight Zone
 Understanding Love
 Paid in Full
 Sizzling Silence
 Over the Edge
 Beyond All Time
 Night Skies
 Dance Divine
 Goddess of Form
 Dawn's Reality
 Basic Changes
 Descent Ascending
 Planes of Existence
 Archetypal Family
 The Maze
 When Spirit Leads
 Drifting Back
 Faery Wings
 Divinity at Play
 Star Clusters
 The Feel of Life
 Intimate Infinity
 Eternal Discovery
 Coherent Form
 Its Arrival
  Awareness of the Night
 The Tenth Vibration
 Could Not Be Denied
 Alchemical Reactions
 Silky Slip
 Unyielding Yearning
 Beyond All Time
 Beyond All Limitation
 Where Daemons Dwell
 Fire of Life
 Electronic Nuance
 Pure Sound
 Dawn's Survival
 Endless Need
 Unforgivably Complete
 Sun Rising
 Night of Nights
 Into Completion
 Angel Wings
 Willing Instrument
 Eternal Inspiration
 In Praise of Things
 Darkness Speaking
 Departure's Arrival
 Holographic Angles
 Night Divine
 Falling Free
 Pass to Mist
 Dark and Light
 Crystal Perfection
 Cyclic Seasoning
 The Drift Beyond
 Seeds of Need
 Force of Future
 Perceptions of Soul
 The Next Level
Upon the Brink
 Mystical Moods of the Flesh
 The Greatest Inspiration
 Fire of Desire
 Meaning of Eternity
 In Euphoria

Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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