Divine Invention

The dragon roars
in intervention
expressing a divine intention
as fire sweeps across the skies

Golden scales blaze
reflection of a self-created haze
as it exhales the inferno
of a sacred inner heat

Listen! Can you hear it speak?
there, within your mind
for telepathy has always been
this golden dragon's gift

as it sifts through every memory
within the span of mortal mind
extracting precious gems
while setting all the pain afire
to blow away within ascending winds

just before the sun descends
in hues of deep and pastel hues
that catch the eye
with awe-inspiring delight

It settles then
to watch the magic creatures
come to life
one for every star up in the heavens

for light is never satisfied
until it reaches out to touch
the all and everything
and so the faeries dance
as wizards chant their magic spells

Illusions cast become so real
within the setting sun
but the night has just begun
and there's no telling
just what sight we may behold

if we simply stay connected
and watch the world go by
through prisms of a golden dragon's eyes
as intention becomes touch divine
that leads us to the threshold
of infinity . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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