Divine Sensation

Reaching to the peak
to sense the magic of the mountain
holding life so firmly to the earth
even as my spirit soared above the clouds
Breathless with the wonder of it all
Astonished to have made it to the top

Heart and soul alive and open
cells all tingling with the climb
we sat to catch our breath
and there, beneath a tree
drank in the sight and scent
of a sleepy and lugubrious lake
that somehow seemed to take
the grayness from the clouds
into itself

Yet even in its doleful mood
the lake would stimulate
desire of a higher kind
as visions flew into the mind
upon eternal winds that blew
slow and sweet on this
an afternoon when, wish fulfilled
we stopped to rest

Then, wondering round
perimeters of watery depths
upon the shore of dismal water
reflecting only gray from clouds on high
unable to advance in sunshine's rays
I came to hear the wildflowers laugh
their scent a song upon the wind
their sway a dance, impetuous
and these little beings
came to consciousness
happy to be known
and once acknowledged

I spied a clan of Columbine
in delicate, unearthly beauty
blossoms opened wide
soaking in the light of day
no matter clouds of gray
and dared to feel the silky touch
of petals so refined they grew divine

Not another soul in sight
just you and I alone
and the freedom of the wind
took up my mood
I swear I heard the Aspens then
whispering of all that's been
and too, of pure potential
of tomorrows held in incubation
within the grip of mountains
and upon each swell of air

Just then the sun broke through
and warmth and effervescence
flooded all the atmosphere
while the wind increased its gaiety
in fresh, intuitive response
and ripples on the lake began
to lap upon the shore
asking for a moment more
of pure and undiluted rapt attention

Awe arose at just this moment
as the trees communicated
precious memories of living span
for their roots within the land
had grasped and integrated life
within the limbs and leaves that swayed
so gracefully within this summer day
to tell the tale of seasons passing
as they lived and grew and knew
a love so all-encompassing
that birds in branches rose
and flew into the skies
aiming for the clouds on high
as if bent on their dispersion

while the very cells of flesh I am
began to tingle, soaking in
the pristine beauty all around
unspoiled by the sight or sound
of modern intervention
and a sense of innocence, unspoiled
became the freedom of a wild
unblemished soul at last released
to live and be, to sense, to feel
divine sensation now made real
by nature's intervention


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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