I once stepped off the roller coaster
ride of high emotion
and told myself
a steady calm was best
then I hid the very best
of who I am
from a world that seemed
to never understand
the highs and lows
within my soul

yet somehow soul has risen once again
and like the tides that never end
its mighty power sweeps the calm away
and I, a tiny grain of sand
awash upon the shores
can only stand in awe
as waves of wonder pour
into my being
dizzy now, the feeling
of this life lived to the full

and it's all because of you
with spirit soaring
discovering the ocean roaring
beating on the surf
like the heartbeat of the earth
from which we're born

while distant visions spawn
a future once again
on the horizon at the end
of our arrival


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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