Dragons Reborn

A tale of light and of daring adventure
as magic returns to the earth
for this time deep belief ensures
the magic of true love's rebirth

and a golden dragon soars into the skies
searching for his mate on high
His scales a mirror of living light
reflected and reflecting bright

aura of enchanting hues
the golds, the greens, the blues
a deep violet of soul surrounds
his body's sacred round

Only one may enter here
his true reflection in the mirror
of heart

She's gliding on a thermal wave of air
flowing like her fine and silky hair
quicksilver gliding in and out of sight
searching in the living weaves of light

for her one and only match
and starlit hues refract
the luster of her eyes
that see through nighttime skies

Light glistens off her silver scales
the ancient born again in tale
of mysteries of death and birth
born of the heart of mother earth

Their dragon hearts are true
and nighttime skies of deepest blue
contrast silver's liquid movement
with the flowing gold of resolution

Sending out her scent and sound
traveling the greater round
in this tapestry of living light
a male draws within her sight

could this be he...?
the promise and the destiny
of life

Now sending out her spirit voice
through throat just slightly moist
to seek and then to draw him in
He flies, alert and ready when

his mind, like radar reaching out
finds Her tone, beyond a doubt
He circles and he spins
adjusting course within

the winds that blow through time and space
and zeroes in on warmth of grace
as quadrants join in unity
and latch in her affinity

Centered within raging storm
he feels her heart beat warm
within his breast
fifth element born of the test

of time

She feels him drawing near
webs resonate as just one tear
brings moisture down from heaven's heights
to guide him in its silvery light

She glows now in anticipation
while a deep and thermal-like reaction
vibrates deep through every strand
that nurtures this ethereal land

of castles and of Camelot
and his bellow echoes out
as base responds to high note being sung
and the universe becomes just one

here within the unobstructed flow
of gold and silver dragons' fiery show
when light meets light and thus becomes
an eternity of one

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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