Dream Come True

Beauty of form and of spirit and heart
was there in your eyes from the start
and I wondered how it was that I had earned
this miracle of love for which I'd yearned

for years that never seemed to end
what higher power sends
this power of creation flowing
through this form, this heart now growing

as dreams are joined to dreams
within the greater scheme of things
and every dream I thought I'd lost
and every night so torn and tossed

are somehow now returned
as this endless fire burns
the brighter now as you and I
become aware of spirit's joined on high

We are reality becoming
I sense the bards of old now strumming
healing through this song of ours
composing now, this day, this hour

building toward a moment so complete
the earth and stars desire this moment sweet
when flesh to flesh we meet, a sigh
escapes this moment born on high

as angels ease the opening of hearts
and I gaze at you, for now a great flow starts
as the sight and soul of everything
within us now becomes our dream

come true…

? Michaelette?

Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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